Prices for Shipping Container Homes

When creating a budget for a container home, the first question that begs asking is this – what is the cost of used shipping containers? The answer largely depends on the source that lists the cargo boxes for sale. New ones cost upwards of a couple of thousand dollars or more, but previously used freight containers may cost as little as a few hundred dollars when purchased at auction. Manufacturers often discard empty freight containers at ports or other shipping facilities because it is cheaper to buy a new one than it is to ship an empty one back to its original point. Piles of the used shipping containers at a facility or port might look like surplus, but actually most of the units lie abandoned by the manufacturer.

The cost of used shipping containers is not the only thing to consider when budgeting for shipping container home prices. One must also take into account the cost of hiring a delivery company that can transport the shipping containers directly to the property, the cost of renting heavy equipment to set the boxes in place, and also the cost of engineers to weld the shipping containers together if the architectural design calls for more than one unit. While these prices add up, the final cost is still much cheaper than buying a traditional, stick-built home.

What is the cost of used shipping containers?

An alternate to finding the cost of used freight containers is to employ the services of a prefab shipping container company. What is the cost of prefab shipping container homes? Again the answer depends on the company who is doing the work. Something to consider is that the cost of prefab shipping container homes often include all the extras like fees for building permits and the cost to rent heavy machinery needed to set the containers in place. Once a dwelling constructed by a prefab shipping container company is finished, owners can turn the key and walk inside just as they could if they’d bought a cookie-cutter home in a brand new subdivision – and will spend much less money per square foot.

Another reason to research the cost of prefab shipping container homes is because the manufacturer takes care of potential toxic hazards, like lead paint, chemicals to treat wood floors, and other harmful substances. A reputable prefab shipping container manufacturer budgets in the cost to prep used cargo boxes so that they are safe for human residency.

Prefab shipping container manufacturers also budget in for costs of things like reinforcing holes cut doors and windows with extra steel, ceramic spray-on insulation, and further eco-friendly features like solar panels or self-composing toilets. Home owners who choose a prefab shipping container manufacturer not only save money the home itself, but will continue to save money on energy costs while helping the environment for years to come.