Locating a Used FREIGHT CONTAINER Online

Used freight containers are not only sold to manufacturers with bulk or oversized items that need shipped from one location to another, but they are also sold into what is known as a retail market of everyday buyers. People purchase these large boxes of corrugated steel for various purposes, including for the construction of freight container homes. But what is the cost for freight containers? The cost of used shipping containers ranges in price depending on whether it is slightly used or retired from service.

One of the easiest ways to locate a used freight container for sale is to contact the port directly. Ports often have websites with their contact information, and some even provide details on buying used freight containers online. Abandoned shipping containers often create unsightly piles there, the cargo boxes simply discard by their owners. There are multiple reasons why this happens. Sometimes the freight container travelled to a location that’s inconvenient, and the manufacturer lacks the opportunity to have it shipped back with another load of cargo. What is the cost for freight containers to return to the manufacturers empty? In most cases, the cost to ship it back empty is more than the value of the container itself.

Their natural, weather-resistant coating allows steel freight containers to hold up to a lot of wear and tear, but sometimes the large cargo boxes reach the end of their usefulness. Even though to the naked eye they may appear in good working condition, for whatever reason they can no longer withstand the wear and tear of travelling long distances by rail or spending months at sea. When this happens, often the manufacturer gains a larger profit by selling it than accruing the cost of used shipping containers that remain empty.

What is the cost for freight containers

For those unable to successfully contact a port directly, other options exist. One popular way to find used freight containers is through online auctions. While this requires more patience on the part of the buyer, it also allows buyers more control over the cost of used shipping containers. What is the cost for freight containers through online auctions? A quick glance at one online auction company shows an average price of $2,000, but a few sold for well under $1,000. Two other ways to find used freight containers are through government auctions selling seized items, and through farm auctions that lean towards selling heavy equipment and other oversized items.

The cost of used shipping containers may vary wildly depending not only on their current condition, but also according to who is selling the item. Before buying, take time to research what is the cost for freight containers available by different auction companies or directly from the port. The time spent researching prices could potentially save hundreds of dollars, money that will come in handy when it comes time to ship the freight container to its final destination.