Finding Freight containers/housing Companies

When building homes from corrugated steel shipping boxes, finding freight container manufacturers may seem like a daunting challenge but in reality many options exist. Before coming to any kind of final decision, here are some things to consider. Will the building be a dwelling that people will live in, or something with a specific function such as a garage, retail space, or a greenhouse? If it is a dwelling, then it may be best to look into hiring the help of one of many freight container housing companies qualified to do the job or even a shipping container prefab manufacturer. Individuals without the time or means to dedicate to building freight container housing have the option of contacting a shipping container prefab manufacturer.

One such company is Tampa Armature Works out of Florida. Taking care of the bulk of the work at their plant, they prepare the steel shipping containers for use as dwellings. They remove all but the exterior walls, treat them with spray-on ceramic insulation in preparation for interior drywall or an exterior finish, such as stucco, and cut out holes for windows and doors. Finally they ship the containers to the building site where engineers place them on a concrete pad foundation and weld the boxes together. Once the interior work is done and the exterior finish complete it’s difficult to tell these homes from traditional, stick-built ones.

Within any given time period, shipping container prefab manufacturers have the ability to turn out far more product than traditional housing contractors. The streamlined process considerably cuts the time that it takes to construct buildings from shipping containers. Finding freight container manufacturers is easy; they’re all over the world and prices vary from country to country. One thing to keep in mind is that despite the varied costs, other factors usually cause the prices to even out in the end. For instance, a shipping container prefab manufacturer from Asia might boast bottom dollar prices, but by the time the buyer ships their new home to North America they could have paid less for American laborers to construct a similar design on-site.

When finding freight container manufacturers, one thing to keep in mind is that a company will sometimes quote prices that reflect how many containers a customer plans to buy. Those working with a limited budget might choose to buy used containers over new ones when planning to use them as building materials.

Containers labeled as “one-use” will less likely have dents and other damage, while ones described as “wind and water tight” may need work before they’re square enough for use in a housing project. While not the least expensive option, an easiest one for everyday homeowners is to employ the services of a shipping container prefab manufacturer. They provide quality work at affordable prices, and are familiar with things like building codes, permits, and inspections.