Shipping Container Home – Cancun

Cancun was built with tourism in mind. Endowed with 14 miles of white sand beaches and eternal summer, Cancun is the Mexican Caribbean that never fails to satisfy the travelers’ desire for sun, fun and sand.

Because of its status as a prime tourist magnet, real estate and housing and even temporary accommodation in Cancun is priced at premium. An expatriate contemplating on relocating to this side of the Yucatan Peninsula would likely be discouraged from doing so because of Cancun’s expensive housing options.

A shipping container home Cancun would offer cheaper accommodation for the budget-conscious traveler and even for the long-term vacationer. Shipping containers were, and still are, often thought to make poor dwelling units, but the increasing trend in “cargotecture” suggests that design firms are increasingly finding creative ways to repurpose 8’x40’ boxes to resemble less as storage facilities but more as living spaces.

Because of the fold-out nature of container homes, they are actually more viable to build and more feasible to maintain as vacation homes. The cheaper and more environmental friendly alternative is to set-up prefabricated dwelling units that could easily be rented out as temporary abodes for accommodation-needy travelers, and just as easily moved around should circumstances require it. This means that forward-thinking realtors in Cancun can actually follow around the movement of tourists and take advantage of their need for affordable yet space-efficient accommodation. Unlike permanent structures made of steel and concrete, a shipping container home Cancun can be moved around when tourist season is low in one area and high in another.

Shipping containers have long been employed in the military as ad hoc housing facilities for the crew. Log cabins gradually give way to container cabins as more and more Americans realize they can add more interior space at affordable rates. Container cities are sprouting up in locations across America and the United Kingdom, and Mexico itself has its own container city in Cholula, two hours from Mexico City, made of 50 refurbished freight cargoes occupying a space of about 4,500 square meters. So a shipping container home Cancun will be a welcome addition to the present housing landscape, albeit its novel configuration. But as with other container cities that spring up worldwide, shipping containers can be successfully transformed as cozy living spaces with tasteful exterior designs that resemble more of a dwelling structure than a storage facility.

In addition to being mobile, shipping container homes and container cities help reduce the global stress on the environment generated by post-consumer metal waste. There are about 300 million shipping containers sitting in empty shipyards around the world, so there is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of building materials for vacation container homes. The challenge is to convert them to functional and aesthetic structures, a challenge that is becoming easier to accomplish as the reality of container cities is gaining ground.